CFF Grants Program
The Children First Foundation
Has Granted over $200,000 to over 200
Pregnancy Resource Centers and Maternity Homes
in the Northeast Region since 2001
CFF Has Granted over $30,000 for Baby Safe Haven Efforts
in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

CFF is pleased to support Baby Safe Haven efforts in the tri-state area. Recently, CFF has given over $30,000 in grants to AMT Children of Hope Baby Safe Haven Program.

Over a period of three years, Ambulance Medical Technician Tim Jaccard had the "bad experience of having to actually bury 36 newborn infants." Jaccard is credited with leading the successful effort to enact the New York Abandoned Infant Protection Law in 2000.

The law also established a "Baby Safe Haven Program," now directed by Jaccard, to assist desperate young women and help them to safely and anonymously abandon their unwanted newborns (up to 5 days old) without facing criminal prosecution. As Tim Jaccard explained, "The whole purpose of this effort is to make it so not one single baby is ever thrown in a garbage pail again."

Subsequently, New Jersey and Connecticut passed similar Safe Haven laws.

The A.M.T. Children of Hope Foundation distributes tens of thousands of Baby Safe Haven brochures and cards at schools and colleges in NJ, NY, and CT to promote abstinence, prevent infant abandonment, and provide his 24/7 Emergency Hotline (1-877-796-HOPE).

Life Center in Deer Park raises
$3,000 with “Choose Life” Plate Frames

The Life Center Crisis Pregnancy Center (in Deer Park, Long Island) loves CFF's “Choose Life” License Plate Frames for good reason: they have helped her raise over $3,000 so far this year. "Our supporters love them! Just 300 frames have raised over $3,000 for The Life Center. It^s an awesome fundraiser. Thank you!"

CFF will happily consign a box of its Choose Life Frames to any crisis pregnancy center, maternity home, or church. It^s a win-win fundraiser that gets a great message on the road. Please call CFF for details.


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